testimonials Here are a few client testimonials:

“If you have questions or curiosity about your roots, your ancestry, your DNA trail… I highly recommend Mountain State Genealogy.

After completing an Ancestry DNA test, I discovered that I had a complete blank slate on one side of my family tree- and with no one alive to even point me in the right direction, Mountain State Genealogy took a very difficult task and came up with the missing half.

Jill was absolutely wonderful to deal with. From walking me through each step of the process to the end report; She operated with integrity, digging with tenacity to connect the dots that time had attempted to fade.

Jill is great at this genealogy and DNA thing, period.
The kicker to this is… She completely and utterly L-O-V-E-S what she does!

Her experience has taught her to be proactive in areas that might be “difficult” for the client addressing things with care and thought. Her connection to the area of forensic DNA is a passion that shows in both her process and communication.

From recommended reading through recommended sites to look at for possible health related unknowns, I have been left with a framework of my missing history, an ability to understand what certain terms mean (ie…cM ) and a paper trail of the where’s and who’s.

In my opinion, Jill is working in a sacred field and does so in a fashion that treats you and your past with honor and dignity.

If you have questions, Mountain State Genealogy is a great place to find some answers!” ~~ lf from Texas

“If you are reading this post you must be searching for ancestors to prove lineage.  I love to research too.  But my last 7 years have been so frustrating with this giant brick wall on my McKnight line.  Well, Jill Nock broke that brick wall down and not only did she find the proof that the McKnights are my ancestors she found another line that I did not know about.  I highly recommend Jill Nock as a genealogist.  The other wonderful part of working with Jill is the research report she provides you when the work is complete.  This is so nice to have.  Hire Jill, you will not be disappointed.” ~~ Kay from New Orleans

“Dear Jill, I would like to thank you very much for your help in finding where my husband’s great grandfather arrived to America from. I have search for years on my own and never could get any further than his grandfather. Jill even sent me a picture of the ship his grandfather probably arrived from Germany on. I would like to go further but the spelling of his last name has changed over the years but we are great full for what we have.” ~~ Jeanette Mierke from Washington [Click here to jump to the Mierke Research Report.]

“Professional and very knowledgable. All I had for her search with was a name, possible places and an estimated date. She was able to provide me with some information about that person. I highly recommend Mountain State Genealogy when you’re looking into your family tree.” ~~ Staci Garlinghouse Branch from Idaho